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Email and Archiving

Email and Archiving

email and Archiving service Hampshire

Our hosted mailboxes have a 50GB capacity. The default storage is a hosted server rather than any one device which means you benefit from seamless synchronisation between your connected devices and a fully functional webmail portal.

Distribution groups (email addresses that go to multiple recipients) and shared mailboxes (mailboxes that can be viewed in Outlook by multiple users) are not chargeable and can make collaborating or communication easy across teams and businesses.

We can manage mail migration from existing hosts. This can range from a fairly simple cutover migration with no data transfer up to complete data migration where we upload all email in the background to the hosted system for you and then cut you over to use it as your primary system.

Archiving allows use to keep older mail that may be required at a later date but is taking up valuable space required for new emails or sent items. This provides an alternative to deleting mail and hoping you won’t need the information again. In some cases, businesses are required to keep mail for a specified time, and we can set and amend rules as to when emails are automatically archived or deleted as necessary.