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Internet and Broadband

Internet and Broadband

internet and Broadband Hampshire

When it comes to Internet connection, we know how important a stable and reliable line is to busy businesses. We can procure and assist with the installation of brand-new or replacement lines to provide your business access to the Internet to support CSP connections, VPNs or even web browsing with the highest available speeds.

There are several options for fast reliable Internet connections depending on the speeds and bandwidth required. Without being tied to one Internet service provider (ISP), we can find the most reliable and fastest connection available in your area. Whether you have a small sized operation and little reliance on your connections or large numbers of employees relying on your connection to the Internet to be able to work and interact with customers, we’ll find something suitable. Once up and running, we’ll monitor the connection to make sure you’re getting the best out of it and that any high-bandwidth tasks are scheduled for out-of-hours if possible, to make sure as much of the bandwidth is available during business hours.

Fibre is the new technology replacing copper lines and the most common connection is FTTC. This means fibre lines are run to the nearest cabinet and a copper line will run from the cabinet to your premises. Alternatively, and at slightly more cost, FTTP will run a fibre line all the way to your premise for faster speeds as it does not use copper. We can also arrange a leased line which is the option for businesses who require high speeds and high bandwidth for downloads and uploads. Leased lines give you support from the ISPs and emergency call outs are included for any issues with the line meaning if the line goes down you will be supported, and it will be rectified as soon as physically possible reducing the downtime for your business and employees.