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firewall security Hampshire

Albacore would provide and support firewall hardware in front of your router hardware. The firewall acts as a secure perimeter between your network and your router and therefore the wider Internet.

We have time served experience of the provision and support of appropriate firewall devices. We would initially provide provisioning of the device. Albacore supplies enterprise grade firewall with fast throughput to provide maximum security with no loss of performance.

Our firewalls are updated and patched with the latest software to mitigate against attacks. Your required security policies would be configured with appropriate access controls. Albacore would then manage network traffic monitoring and prioritisation where necessary. We’d manage the solution on a minute by minute basis to check the status of the device using our remote monitoring systems.  We would be responsible for regular backups of the firewall configuration and recovery of the configuration to an alternate device should one be needed.  This replacement device would be provided and deployed by us as part of the service.  We’d provide this device with an express response in the event of a failure with your supported device.

We can work with phone provider to configure the phone system across this managed firewall, providing dedicated bandwidth via QoS if required.