Online Backups

online Backups Hampshire

Online backups allow system data to be uploaded intelligently to cloud storage facilities. While a mechanism for recovery of a failed server or dataset from an onsite backup device is needed as a primary measure, this can be supplemented by online storage for point in time file restoration and to ensure a secure offsite backup capability in the event of data loss or corruption.

In contrast to on-premise backups, online backups can be provided without a one-off cost for hardware to store your data. Instead, you pay for the size and complexity required on an annual basis which can be expanded when required. The backup schedule, monitoring and resilience is much easier to manage when online and you do not need to worry about manually rotating and storing media away from your primary location as you do with on-premise backup solutions.

Backups of systems should be encrypted to ensure compliance and they need to be proven to be recoverable otherwise they are simply not worth investing in. Albacore can recommend the best backup solution for your business and support the solution on an ongoing basis. With intelligent tools, we monitor the success of jobs on an ongoing basis. This allows a timely recovery can be undertaken by Albacore and therefore protects the files and datasets.