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On-Premise Backups

On-Premise Backups

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Any dataset stored on a machine or server needs a backup facility. The first measure that Albacore take is the addition of redundant storage in a server. These mechanisms allow a server to recover from a drive failure without a loss of data, and also with minimal disruption to the operation of the server. Servers can be specified with spare storage drives. These allow the faster recovery of a fault tolerant configuration when a drive failure is verified. Intervention is needed to minimise downtime and replace the failed drive, and this is all included in an Albacore server support contract.

On top of this, a measure is needed to cover off timely recovery of the server in the event of the failure of the server hardware.

Albacore supply and support NAS units for server systems that store server backup versions across 2 or more drives. NAS units are generally located in the same building but physically separate from the server in an attempt to mitigate the server and NAS being effected by the same incident.

The backup jobs themselves are configured, scheduled, and encrypted by backup software that runs on the server. This software is highly complex and infinitely customisable, and the implementation and ongoing support of a backup solution needs significant expertise to scale for the growth in storage that will occur during the life of a system.

Albacore can recommend the best backup solution for your business and with clever monitoring tools, we can review and check your backups remain working and recoverable to protect you from data loss which can have a significant impact on your business.