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Teams phone system – voice calling is just the start.

Date: Oct 25 2022
Teams phone system – voice calling is just the start.

Using Microsoft Teams, Albacore can create a hybrid environment for your business, with some staff working at Home, some in the Office, and others on Mobile – all collaborating in a virtual office Environment.

Create Teams Channels for Directors, Management, Sales, Accounts and General All-Company chat.

Use these teams to message, distribute documents, and communicate by voice and video. Teams reduces internal email and delivers messages to any employee on their device.

For external callers every Teams member has a DDI telephone number with sophisticated voice mail that even translates the voice message to text for you.

Move your main office telephone number to Teams and use the Auto Attendant to route incoming calls to the correct person or Team wherever they are, Home or Office or Mobile or a mixture of all.

Incoming callers get a seamless experience and will not know where the person that answered the call is. You can be literally anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection including on a plane.

Teams puts the user back in control of the calls they take and where they take them.

Imagine reprinting your business card without including your mobile number but still being able to place or pick up calls using your office number. You can choose when you’re alerted to calls from Teams and you avoid 24/7 professional availability via mobile messaging services when all you want to do is arrange to have a beer with your mates! There’s a serious data leakage angle to this as well; with Teams, company information stays within your company and can be retrieved on demand. Albacore includes deep dive compliance searching as part of our management of your Office365 ecosystem. That management can encompass email, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint items.

All the expected phone system features are included – you can make and receive calls using the Teams app on your PC or mobile and consult, transfer, place calls on hold or redirect.

The addition of multiple callers to internal and external calls adds a novel and useful dimension to the traditional one to one voice calling experience and is excellent for staff training or escalations.

All users also receive voicemail which is delivered by email and includes speech to text technology.

An Auto Attendant offers different call flows for out of hours and holidays. It also allows inbound callers to choose options and be routed to departments.

Call Queues are also included – these allow only certain groups of users to be alerted and can be configured to the specific requirements of your company.

Headsets are a popular choice for use of Teams when working from a desktop computers and laptops. Wireless headsets can also be used via a computer or mobile phone. Calls in Teams use your Internet connection, so they work on wired connections, Wi-Fi or mobile data depending on the device you are using.

Albacore engineers will configure the system according to your specific requirements and advise on what works best for your organisation based on your number of users and locations.

The Teams phone system includes a generous number of minutes for UK landline and mobile calls per user. These included minutes are pooled across all users.

Calls to international numbers are classed as out of bundle calling. A credit card needs to be added to an online wallet once the solution is live to cover out of these bundle calls. This function allows customers to have visibility of their spend.

Teams really is so much more than a phone system or an online meeting platform. For Albacore’s freight industry client base who work internationally to co-ordinate the movement of goods, Teams represents a massive opportunity to collaborate and simplify communication using voice, but also video, chat, presence and document sharing.

The system can be federated to other organisations using Teams, or individuals can be added as contacts within Teams. This means that calling/chat/presence is completed through Teams rather than the phone network and is therefore free and unlimited, regardless of location. External contacts can collaborate in real time on documents within dedicated channels with one or more members of your organisation, saving time and streamlining business processes.

Contact us for a quotation and demonstration and let us help you to truly unify communication and collaboration in your business.

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