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This is the Albacore way of handling customers support issues.

Calls to Albacore can be raised by our support customers on the telephone to the helpdesk 023 8073 7100. The standard service operates from 09:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Calls usually go straight through to a first line support engineer.

Some of our customers subscribe to our Out Of Hours 24/7 telephone support. The 24/7 helpdesk number is 023 8073 5393 , we aim to respond to out of hours calls, for subscribing customers within 30 minutes. If you are interested in an Out Of Hours support contract please contact us.

During normal working hours we accept emails to the helpdesk via ASLSupport These emails are distributed to all available staff and are given equal priority to telephone calls. The standard service operates from 09:00 – 17:30* Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Each support incident is written up in our CRM system and assigned as a problem case with the account name and contact who raised the case with us, as well as the method of contact, case owner and follow up date. Our system allows us to check if the hardware is supported, and also allows reporting of case volumes internally and to the customer. Should the problem pertain to a specific piece of hardware, the equipment tag is also noted in the case. If the engineer who is working on the problem is unable to fix the problem, they will write notes in the case about their efforts and escalate it to the second line team.

All problem cases are audited by the second line team to ensure that appropriate and complete fixes to problems are being applied. The second line team may also work on and will audit the progress of the cases while they are open. Second line will ultimately close the cases once they are resolved to their satisfaction, checking back with the customer if required. The management team also audit and report on any inactive or out of date cases.

If a case requires an onsite visit (where contracted), a visit request escalation is filed by the engineer dealing with the case and this is passed to the second line team with a high priority. The second line team would then allocate resource appropriately to allow a visit to happen within the contracted response time.

The management and second line teams meet monthly to check on the progress of the support team and ensure that all areas of the business are running as smoothly as possible.