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Useful helpdesk contacts for non-Albacore issues

Don’t forget to take out the spaces and add dots when using the email addresses below.

ASM Support – Email: helpdesk @ asm org uk, Urgent Out of Hours Only: 07623 984413 (Pager Service)

Datafreight Support – Tel: 01489 795160, Email: datafreightsupport @ wisetechglobal com

BoxTop Support – Tel: 020 8400 2000, Email: support @ boxtop net

Multifreight Support – Tel: 01473 219953, https://www.multifreight.com/contact/support-centre/

Decartes Support – Tel: 01249 477099, Support Portal: https://servicedesk.descartes.com, Email: servicedesk @ descartes com

CCS-UK Inventory or Messaging Support – Tel: 0845 607 0096, Email: ccshelpdesk @ bt com

MCP 24/7 Functional and Destin8 Support – Tel: 01394 600200, Email: help @ destin8 co uk

CNS Compass Support – Tel:023 8079 9600, Email: helpdesk @ cnsonline net

Pentant Cuslink Support – https://www.descartes.com/customer-success/customer-support-and-training/customer-service-desk

I can't access my device remotely?

Before calling the Albacore helpdesk have you checked

  1. Do you have an internet connection?
  2. Have you checked that theDevice you are trying to connect to is powered on in the office?

My PC is running slowly?

Before calling the Albacore helpdesk have you tried restarting your PC?

How do I turn on my Outlook out of office?

In Outlook, Select File, Select Automatic replies, Click the Send Automatic replies radio button

Enter the period you would like your Auto reply to be turned on by selection “Only Send during this time range:”

Add your Out of office message to people inside your organisation and people outside your organisation and select OK

My remote session is running slowly?

  1. Log off the remote desktop by using the sign out button
  2. Reduce RDP experience by right clicking on remote desktop shortcut and selecting Edit, Select the Experience tab dropdown to Low speed broadband (256kbps – 2Mbps), Select general and click save.

My PC is asking me to restart?

Our RMM system will try and install updates at 2am daily. If you are logged out over night this process will happen automatically and you will not see this popup. Should you leave yourself logged in it will require you to manually reboot. Selecting yes will install the update straight away. Alternatively you can select no and log off at the end of your working day.

Raise Support Ticket

To raise support ticket please complete the details below and submit the request. Please note, support requests submitted in this way are only monitored during normal office hours which are 09:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Customers with Out of Hours contracts should submit their support request by telephone in the usual way.


  • Please tell us the issue you're having with as much detail as possible:
  • Please help us by telling us how urgent your issue is:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Standard Hours Telephone Support

Calls to our helpdesk, can be made on 023 8073 7100. The standard service operates from 09:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Calls usually go straight through to a first line support engineer.

Out of Hours Telephone Support

Our Out-Of-Hours Helpdesk support service is for subscribers only. The number to call is 023 8073 7100 between 1730 and 0900 on workdays all day Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. We aim to respond to out of hours calls, for subscribing customers within 60 minutes. If you are interested in an Out Of Hours support contract please contact us.

Remote Support

All of our customers are entitled to remote support when needed. We use sophisticated tools to securely access systems, (with your consent of course) in order to bring speedy resolutions to problems.

Teamviewer for Windows

TeamViewer already installed:

  1. Look at the bottom right of your screen, on the taskbar and click on the up facing arrow to show more icons
  2. Click on the TeamViewer icon that’s circled below
  3. Provide the ID listed as “Your ID”

TeamViewer not installed:

  1. Open up your preferred web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  2. Browse to albacore.co.uk
  3. Click on the yellow remote support button on the top right of the website
  4. It will say “Loading TeamViewer now” and you’ll need to Save and run “TeamViewerQS.exe” which will try to download, see below for screenshots for different browsers.
    Google Chrome& Microsoft Edge:
    Click on “TeamViewerQS.exe” on the bottom left

    Internet Explorer:
    Click on “Run” on the bat at the bottom.Firefox:Click save file on the download pop up

    Click the downloads icon within the top right of Firefox

    Click on “TeamViewer QS.exe” to open it.

  5. Now that TeamViewer is downloaded and open, Provide the number listed under “Your ID”

Teamviewer for Mac

  • On an internet browser, go to Albacore.co.uk. Once open, across the top bar there should be a tab called Links. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there should be a link for Remote support for Mac’s.
  • Once TeamViewer is downloaded for the first time you might be prompted with a Review System Access page.

    You can also re-open this page by clicking Help =>Check System Access after loading TeamViewer.By default, all permissions are set to Denied. To ensure a proper remote session, Screen Recording and Accessibility permission are required at minimum. You can follow the steps below to get the permission:

    • Click Request Access for Screen Recording and Accessibility.
    • You will be prompted the system Privacy page. Click the small + button as showing in the screen shot below. Next select TeamViewer and click Open to add it to the list.
    • Check if TeamViewer is in the panel, if yes, put a check next to it to enable it.
    • Note: If the system does not allow you to do that, please click the Lock icon to make the changes available.
      The yellow triangle icon in the upper-left area of the TeamViewer window is shown until you have allowed the system access for TeamViewer:

How to Do if You Cannot Get the Review System Access Page?

If you are using an older version of TeamViewer, or you previously clicked the Deny button on that page, you might not be able to get the Review System Access page when you launch TeamViewer. When this happens, you can grant the access from the steps below:

  1. Go to System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy
  2. You will get the same page as explained above to add TeamViewer for Screen Recording and Accessibility permission.  Please Navigate to Screen Recording and Accessibility and follow the steps above to add TeamViewer into the Allow list for each of them.

Microsoft Quick Assist

  1. Go to the search bar and type in Quick, should automatically show up(Like Below)
  2. The Engineer will then give you a code enter into the textbox, then press Share Sreen.

  3. Then Click Allow.

Any Desk Access

  1. Download Any desk from the following website:https://anydesk.com/en
    In Chrome the Download will appear at the bottom:
    In Firefox the Download will appear at the top:
  2. Run the downloaded file and it will present you with this screen:
  3. Supply the Albacore Engineer with the Code Show on the left:

Allowing remote access from a TalkTalk internet connection.

How to get TeamViewer working on a TalkTalk users’ PC

Long story short TalkTalk has a system (HomeSafe) to block scammers from connecting to users’ PCs via remote software. You can read more on it here.

Below are two methods of bypassing this which will allow us to connect on via TeamViewer (this applies to ANY connection, anyone else using TeamViewer will also be able to after these steps.

Changing to Google/CloudFlare DNS

The first and quickest way is changing the local DNS on the machine to point to Google or CloudFlare.

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre> Change adapter settings.
  3. Select the connection for which you want to configure Google Public DNS. For example:
    • To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click the Ethernet interface and select Properties.
    • To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click the Wi-Fi interface and select Properties.
  4. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  5. Select the Networking tab. Under This connection uses the following items, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties.
  6. Select Use the following DNS server addresses. If there are any IP addresses listed in the Preferred DNS server or Alternate DNS server, write them down for future reference.
    • Replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers:
    • and/or
  7. Hit OK and try to connect using TeamViewer again. You may have to reboot or run the “ipconfig /flushdns” command in an elevated command prompt session.

Changing the setting in TalkTalk’s ‘My Account’ page

This is the ‘official’ method and TalkTalk would probably prefer you using this… But it’s longer and needs the user to have their My Account details handy.

To turn HomeSafe ON

You’ll have the choice to activate Kids Safe, Homework Time and Virus Alerts. To do this you’ll need to click the ON switch (which will be highlighted green when active). It’s important when switching on Kidsafe and Homework Time that you confirm this setting by clicking the blue save changes button. Please note: it will take a few minutes for your changes to take effect.

To turn HomeSafe OFF

HomeSafe® protects your whole home online over every device connected to your TalkTalk broadband.

To keep you safe online we strongly recommend you keep Homesafe switched on, however, should you need to switch it off for any reason, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Select View HomeSafe settings from the My services drop down menu bar
  3. Here it will show you what is currently turned on/off.
  4. Choose your areas to switch off next to any of the three options. For Kids Safe, you’ll see a prompt asking if you’re sure you want to switch it off. Simply click the blue button (Turn Kidsafe OFF) to confirm and allow a few minutes for your changes to take effect.

Here is a summary of what each category does.

Kids Safe offers nine categories of websites, allowing you to easily block some or all of them. When you activate Kids Safe, you’ll see prompts to help you decide which categories to block.

Homework Time gives you the option to block sites such as gaming websites that commonly distract your children. The default settings will block the websites between 16:30 hrs and 18:00 hrs or you can set your own time period anytime between Monday to Friday or 7 days a week.

Virus Alerts ensure that every computer or device connected to your TalkTalk broadband can be better protected. This is thanks to the warning system, which lets you know when a website you’re trying to access is infected with a virus and advises you not to continue.

On-site Support

We provide on-site support, with either a 4 or 8 hour response. One of our engineers will visit to fix your problem, be that a broken computer, or printer etc. If we cannot mend the faulty equipment at your office, we will provide a loan until your own equipment is fixed.