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Date: Apr 30 2020

Get back to work in a Home or Office or Mobile Environment (H.O.M.E)

Using Microsoft Teams Albacore can create a hybrid environment for your business, with some staff working at Home, some in the Office, and others on Mobile – all collaborating together in a virtual office Environment.

Create Teams Channels for Directors, Management, Sales, Accounts and General All-Company chat.

Use these teams to message, distribute documents, and communicate by voice and video. Teams reduces internal email and delivers messages to any employee on their device.

For external callers every Teams member has a DDI telephone number with sophisticated voice mail that even translates the voice message to text for you.

Move your main office telephone number to Teams and use the Auto Attendant to route incoming calls to the correct person or Team wherever they are, Home or Office or Mobile including a mixture of all.

Incoming callers get a seamless experience and will not know where the person that answered the call is. You can be literally anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection including in the air, so perfect post lockdown when we are allowed to travel and fly again.

Contact our us now on 023 8073 7100 for more details and to get back to work.

HOME with Albacore and Teams.