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Schenker Wins

Date: Jan 20 2012
Schenker Wins

Sponsor: Matt Sturrock of Albacore Systems (left)
Winner: Per Holst-Nielsen of Schenker (centre)
Event Host: Christine Hamilton, Media Personality, Broadcaster & Author (right)

Schenker Wins The 2011 BIFA Staff Development Award.

Schenker considers its employees as key in its mission ‘to be a customer focused company through the empowerment and development of its people’. The organisation has clearly invested much effort and money to extend its training programmes, resulting in a highly engaged, motivated and skilled workforce.

Schenker showed dedication to staff development throughout the company, demonstrating particular innovation in their apprenticeship programme. The company’s inclusive and holistic approach in creating and implementing its Learning and Development Programme was key to earning them this award.