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NCH Problems

Date: Aug 11 2011


National Clearance Hub Service in August 2011

Who should read: All customers involved in the import and export of goods.
What is it about: Possible disruption to clearance Hub services due to civil unrest.
When effective: 10th August 2011
Extant until/ Expires 11th August 2011

1. Background
You will be aware of civil unrest in major UK cities. On the night of 9th / 10th August there was significant disorder in the Salford area and this affected the operations of the National Clearance Hub. Although we were able to maintain a service it is possible that we will not be able to continue to do this for our overnight operations, as a consequence of police activities to control the disorder. Our alternative sites are also likely to be affected. We are not anticipating any disruption to our daytime operations at present.

2. Action in the event of the NCH being closed

If the Hub is closed, or staff are unable to reach the building, HMRC will do all it can to continue to provide a clearance service that meets agreed standards. With 96% of entries being cleared automatically on CHIEF, most consignments will be unaffected. However, we have to recognise that in these exceptional and limited circumstances the Hub may be in a position where we are unable to clear entries received during the night until we can resume normal working. If that occurs we will initiate the agreed MOU fallback arrangements.

If you are expecting to clear a high risk / vulnerable consignment tonight, e.g. live animals or organs for transplant, please will you let the contacts below know as soon as possible.

Should the unrest extend beyond tonight, these arrangements will remain in place.

3. Contacts

Chris Jones 0161 261 5090 (normal working hours)
Cherryne McLennan-Lamb 0161 261 5585 (normal working hours)
0845 001 0085 (out of normal working hours)