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Updated – Covid19 business continuity

Date: Mar 23 2020
Updated – Covid19 business continuity

This is Albacore’s Covid19, business continuity plan, and the blueprint for how Albacore will handle any disruption caused by the Covid-19 virus, to both our own business and that of our customers. Updated 22:40 23/03/20 

The essential services that we will maintain are as follows:

Essential – business critical, on-site support and maintenance of customer equipment including servers and workstations etc.
Maintenance of hosted customer equipment and their DR systems
Patch and upgrade management of servers and firewalls etc.

Essential – business critical installations and upgrades only.

Sales and technical advice.

Contract changes
Supplier payments
Essential purchasing
Essential RMA’s

Our helpdesk will operate 100% from our staff home offices and will be fully manned.

We will have a skeleton on-site presence at our offices in Nursling.

We will provide on-site engineers for essential – business critical issues only.

This plan will be constantly reviewed as new information becomes available, and in light of any change in circumstances. The aim will be to provide the best possible service within the constraints of the law.