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CCS-UK Out Of Hours Desk

Date: Jul 07 2011

Message from Aileen Todd – Helpdesk Manager @ CCS-UK


We would like to inform you that there will be some changes to the Out of Hours (OOH) call reception for the Air Logistics Helpdesk service starting from the 1st of August. We have been in negotiations to facilitate this service from within BT and would like to advise that this will be handled by a European Call Centre from this date.

Unfortunately we will not have all the facilities we require to be in place on this date and calls made to the Helpdesk number (01252 626060) will be responded to by a greeting of ‘Welcome to BT Amsterdam’. Users will need to ensure they state that their call is for the CCS-UK service and the call can then be processed accordingly. This is obviously not ideal but will only be temporary (1 week) whilst we get our number set up completed and handled correctly, after which calls will be addressed as per the normal ‘BT Air Logistics Helpdesk’ greeting.

We have had to migrate this facility ahead of schedule for internal reasons, and hope that these changes, admittedly short notice, will be of benefit to you in the long term. This change only affects the OOH Desk, there will be no change to the current prime hours Helpdesk staff or location.

Please ensure this is communicated to all your users as soon as possible, and should you have any concerns, please do give me a call.