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CCS-UK Downtime 18/02/12

Date: Jan 27 2012

CCS UK planned downtime Saturday 18th February 2012

The changes that are being carried out are to implement new mainframe computers to support  the service and to move the computers to new data centres in new  locations.

CCS UK will be “switched off” on Saturday 18th February at 16:00 hours and may not be available until 22:00 hours (the same day). This means that the DTI Import service, NES (when operated through CCS UK) and any messaging will not be available during this period.

Even though there has been extensive testing of the new servers and communications links into the new data centres there may be unforeseen problems that occur during this transition. If this occurs BT will re-establish the service from the existing mainframes and computer centres and will try to make the change on Sunday 19th February commencing 12:00 hrs provided that they have identified and solved the problem.