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Broadband problems from 17:30 30/3/11

Date: Mar 31 2011
Broadband problems from 17:30 30/3/11

This is an update to last night’s and this morning’s BT Wholesale service outage that left a significant number of our broadband customers without Internet connectivity.

At approximately 03:15 this morning we saw a number of customers’ circuits come back online. There was a further connectivity blip shortly after this, however that was short-lived and all of our customers have been online since about 03:30.

BT have forwarded us confirmation that they now believe the problem to be fixed.

If you’re still having any problems please contact our helpdesk.

Apologies once again for the interruption to your service.

Looking to the future, we will be making more use of Twitter to communicate updates about situations which affect a large number of our users such as yesterday.

You can access our Tweets from your iPhone or Smartphone so you will be able to get updates regardless of if you have Internet access of not. If you would like help setting up Twitter or configuring your iPhone/Smartphone to follow @AlbacoreSystems please contact our helpdesk.