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Albacore launch hosted Servers

Date: Feb 15 2011
Albacore launch hosted Servers

The advent of web enabled software and virtual server hosting is changing the whole dynamics of server provision. Imagine having your company server available to you on the Internet from wherever you happen to be in the world, all your application software , email, links to the CSPs (CCS-UK, CNS, MCP, DHB & Pentant).

No more worries about backups, upgrades, maintenance or disaster recovery a fully managed ‘Backoffice Server’ performing all your vital business functions.

Albacore can tailor a solution to fit your exact requirements and budget. We can provide anything from a hosted Windows workstation 7 PC with ‘Office’ functionality up to a fully specified Exchange or SQL Server to host your business critical software.

Alternatively if you already have in-house servers, we can provide a hosted ‘Disaster Recovery’ (DR) system to satisfy your clients and your AEO requirements.

For more information and a detailed proposal contact Albacore.