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ACP (Albacore Customer Portal)

Date: Jul 26 2021
ACP (Albacore Customer Portal)

Albacore Customer Portal (ACP) was developed internally by Albacore and was launched in 2017. It is available at no cost to Albacore support customers. ACP provides read only visibility of the ASM Sequoia inventory screen behind a password protected and SSL secured webpage. It works on any PC, tablet or mobile device.

This simple concept is a key example of Albacore’s commitment to our client base of freight industry customers, and how we empower our customers to evolve their working practices and improve the visibility of their shipments.

ACP includes powerful free text search and filter capabilities to help users locate the consignment they are looking for quickly.

ACP works by communicating with the ASM Sequoia database that runs on a customer system. This system can be at customer premises or on Albacore’s hosted platform. The ACP query manager polls the Sequoia database periodically or at the request of an ACP user. The results of the query are passed securely to the ACP web app server that runs on Albacore’s managed and resilient private cloud platform and delivered to the user.

Users interact with ACP by logging on with their username and password at the secure website https://acp.albacore.net. Once logged in, the menu provides customs declarations and CCS-UK inventory options. The table shown when these options are chosen are the web-based view of the ASM Sequoia application. Updates to the data can be requested by clicking the refresh button. 

The simple and functional design of ACP means it is usable right across your business. It is used by drivers and warehouse personnel, entry clerks, or any authorised user that requires a high level read-only view of inventory status. As a web application, it can be used on demand and from any Internet enabled device. Before ACP, any user requiring access to ASM Sequoia screens outside the office would need a remote working capability and to have their remote working device to hand. ACP frees users of these ties at a stroke.

Here are some example scenarios based on customer experiences that involve ACP: 

“Having provided the ACP app to our driver, they can now check for themself when a declaration is customs cleared while they are out of the office. This saves time in multiple ways – office-based employees don’t need to provide updates to the driver with phone calls, it saves waiting time and wasted journeys for the driver because he can complete other drops and collections, and overall it tightens up the whole process.” 

“I use ACP to check exports have flown. At 8PM on a Friday I could fire up my laptop and connect to my office machine to get this info, but with ACP I can check this on my phone in my garden, or better still at the pub!” 

“I check ACP from under my duvet to know whether consignments have been nominated to me over the weekend, it literally tells me whether I need to get out of bed yet.” 

Contact Albacore today to request a login for ACP and view our demo data. ACP is available to Albacore support customers that have ASM Sequoia software.